Your Local Watering Hole

Boojum & Snark is currently the first and only dedicated craft beer taproom on the Isle of Wight.

Featuring beers from many small and supercraft breweries we also produce our own beer made on our Brewmagic electric kit – it’s diddy. Boojum beers to date include:


featuring New Zealand and Australian hops

Recipe developed by the apprentice and overseen by the brew master, SNARK began life as a Single Malt and Single Hop beer – SMASH – and was named South Island Pale Ale recognising the New Zealand Hop, Rakau and being brewed on the south of the Isle of Wight. 

A great beer was made better by introducing personal favourites Nelson Sauvin and Vic Secret (more antipodean hops)  oats and extra pale Maris Otter for the base malt. The result is a beautifully pale, fragrant and fruity ale, earning a respectable Untappd rating of 4 on it’s first outing at Craft and Cask beer festival 2020 (under it’s original name of South Island Pale Ale)

Boojum & Snark's Craft Beer - Snark
Boojum & Snark's Craft Beer - Vanishing


– Complex 8 malt base

Complex malt base of 8 different grains provide the perfect layering of flavours in this porter, and the local Sandown water is most suitable to this style of beer.

This ale is further enhanced by the addition of juicy dark cherry juice from nearby Godshill Orchard, the first of our ales to be made with a special local ingredient. Think silky, rich chocolate cherry cake and you are pretty much there, the darkness takes you somewhere delicious, before vanishing…

Boojum IPA

Boojum is our stamp on an India Pale Ale, born in England refined in Sandown

Idaho hops imparts a punchy mango smash in the face and visually invokes the setting sun on a perfect day in the Bay. Backed up by Mandarin Bavaria, Citra, Columbus, Cascade and Amarillo hops this beer guarantees a tropical and citrus juicy ale that keeps you coming back for more. Limited to 3 pints per person.

Boojum & Snark's Craft Beer - Boojum


Boojum and Snark’s homage to the classic traditional French farmhouse style ale – Saison – always fruity, always a thirst quencher.

Golden straw in colour, Lacemaker immediately hits you with aromas of sweet peardrops and banana then the flavours of ginger, coriander and spicy black pepper dance in the mouth. Lacemaker leaves it mark on the glass – Lacing – refers to the head trail down the glass as you count gulp after glorious gulp. Our brave Beaver from THOTS also made lace for a living.