A collection of essays, thoughts and tidings for your perusal.

Boojum News – October 2020

It was a great relief to get our doors open for Beer and Buses and we had such great support from everyone who came. So massive thank you to the team that ensured we had a bar, beer, cellar, tables and chairs, fire alarm, new electrics, new loo, plus all our friends who volunteered to work over the weekend.

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Boojum News – May 2020

At Boojum Brewery we decided the best thing to do during this time was to get brewing and selling beer. We proudly presented our first beer for sale 39 litres ( in bag in box) of South Island Pale Ale 5% ABV.

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Beer Adventures and Brewery News

The year had started off well with both of us passing the Foundation in Beer course at the Institute for Brewing and Distilling. A really useful course to undertake gaining skills necessary when judging beer and learning about the many styles. We are going to do the Advanced course later in the year.

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Boojum News – September 2019

Get out the bunting and best china, our funding from Central Government has finally arrived! The past few anxious months have passed and now it’s all systems go on Sandown High Street to create a brewery, install our 75 litre brew kit, create a bar, kitchen, shop and museum.

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