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Simply Galumphing Around

What do Snarks, Boojums, Sandown and happiness all have in common? They are the themes behind this fantastical art installation by Teresa Grimaldi and Sarah Vardy.
Image of the Simply Galumphing Around installation at Boojum & Snark

An art installation created by Teresa Grimaldi and Sarah Vardy

#Galumphing #InspiredbySandown

The installation is inspired both by Lewis Carroll’s epic nonsense poem, The Hunting of the Snark, which he began writing in Sandown, and also Sandown’s history as a holiday destination filled with fun and hilarity. Weaving and layering old photographs, objects, illustrations, Teresa and Sarah have crafted a nonsense narrative featuring childhood memories, laughing competitions, galumphing, larking and wild abandon to illustrate our search and desire for happiness. 

My mum Rose, was once landlady at the Sandown Tap and my dad, Peter, had an ice-cream parlour on the Battery, so I remember the 70’s as a child, the surge of visitors migrating to Sandown with suitcases and returning with memories. At some point, as in The Hunting of the Snark, there’s been a vanishing and the town’s popularity has diminished joining the league of faded seaside towns but the magic, beauty and charm is still there. Simply Galumphing Around is more than nostalgia, it’s a call to build confidence, to be prepared to galumph and laugh so hard your jaw aches,” Teresa Grimaldi.

Simply Galumphing Around echoes the natural ebb and flow of Sandown’s fortunes from fashionable to fun to faded yet locked within all these transitions is a wealth of history, culture and embedded memories, anchor points that define a place. Whilst Carroll acknowledged that the pursuit of happiness was the nearest meaning to his nonsense verse, Simply Galumphing Around highlights the importance of allowing oneself to be sidetracked by silliness, diverted by nonsense and fall victim to laughter! 

Teresa Grimaldi and Sarah Vardy With their galumphing installation

The artists

Teresa Grimaldi is an installation artist. She was born on the Isle of Wight in 1966 into a family of ice cream vendors. She has a Degree in Theatre Design, then worked as a Designer before she specialising in Puppetry at Central School of Speech and Drama followed by MA in Visual Performance at Dartington College of Arts.

Sarah Vardy studied Art History and Critical Studies at Sussex University, then completed a PGCE. After working at Hove Gallery she gained a Diploma in Museum and Art Gallery Education and worked at Brighton Museum. Sarah spent 16 years teaching art and traditional crafts in schools, day centres and in community settings. She later studied Fine Art at Brighton College, focusing upon her own work, driven by experimental art processes with a particular interest in portraiture and print.

After meeting on the ‘mainland’ to explore experimental artistic processes for teachers and children, Sarah and Teresa realised they had shared family with Isle of Wight connections.  With both artists being experimental and process led, it was inevitable that their artistic vision would come together. Eventually their partnership of ideas and processes amalgamated into ‘Rag and Bones ‘ their first joint show for the Ventnor Fringe Festival 2019.

Simply Galumphing Around is supported by The Coastal Community Fund, The Common Space, Isle of WightCouncil and Warren Boats of Seaview